Kitchen Sinks, Faucets and Garbage Disposals

Choosing the right sink for your kitchen can be a daunting task. Whether you are replacing an old rusty sink, or installing a new sink during a renovation, we can do the job. Corner sinks, double sinks, single sinks, custom sinks, we do it all. We can also replace your old faucet either with or without installing a new sink. Old leaking faucets can cost you hundreds of dollars a year. Installing a new faucet not only makes your kitchen look better, it can save you money over your old leaking faucet.

A garbage disposal can simplify kitchen cleanup and add convenience to an otherwise messy job. The cost for professional installation of your garbage disposal will be affected by your choice of disposal and the condition of the connection site.

A number of features are available for garbage disposals, from different power options to anti-jamming features, sound dampening, stainless steel grind chambers, and septic tank compatibility. Let us help you decide which brands and models meet your usage requirements.

We warranty all our plumbing services.